45 Street Southwest (CTrain)

45 Street SW is the fourth station of the West LRT line (Route 202 extension) of the CTrain light rail system in Calgary, Alberta. It opened for revenue service on December 10, 2012. On December 8, 2012, a preview of the West Line was provided. The station is located in a trench on the north side of 17 Avenue SW and west of 45 Street SW, 5.3 km West of the 7 Avenue & 9 Street SW Interlocking. No park & ride is provided and the station is a walk-on only with passengers arriving by Calgary Transit buses, cycling, walking or by vehicle drop off. The platforms are side-loading with grade-level access at the west end and stairs and ramps at the east end. The station serves the neighborhoods of Glendale, Rosscarrock, Westgate and Glenbrook. It is located immediately adjacent to the Calgary main office of the Alberta Motor Association, as well as a district Calgary Police Service station. 45 Street along with 69 Street are the first trenched stations to be built in Calgary. More details on Wikipedia