4D LABS is a materials science research institute at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada that focuses on the design, development, demonstration, and delivery of advanced functional materials and nanoscale devices. Its $41 million facility opened in Jan 2007 with funding from Canada Foundation for Innovation, the British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund, and Simon Fraser University. 4D LABS is located in the TASC2 building on the Simon Fraser University campus in Burnaby. This research institute houses 4700 sq ft of Class 100 clean room processing space, high resolution microscopy, an advanced spectroscopy and laser laboratory, and a visiting scientists’ laboratory. It employs a technical staff to provide users with training and fee-for-hire services in nanofabrication, nanoimaging, and LASIR (Laboratory for Advanced Spectroscopy and Imaging Research). It specializes in the clean energy, information technology, health care, agriculture, and environment sectors. More details on Wikipedia