C.M. Fines Building

The C.M. Fines Building is a 20 story office tower in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The 20 story building was completed in 1979. The building was designed by Joseph Pettick and features unusual energy-efficient reflective windows containing gold dust, giving the building its distinctive colour. The building houses the corporate offices of Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). The building is named after Clarence Melvin Fines who was a Provincial Finance Minister in the 1940s and 50s and played a major role in establishing SGI. From 1979 until 1988 it was the tallest building in Regina. The C.M. Fines Building has had a history of structural problems. In 2004, water damage to the building's post-tension cables necessitated a $3.9 million repair. In 2010, the building was evacuated when high winds damaged a piece of the exterior metal cladding, raising concerns that the glass panels, held in place by the metal, would come loose. In 2012, the Government of Saskatchewan released a tender for a new office building for SGI, with the intention to sell the C.M. Fines Building. More details on Wikipedia