Canadian Football Hall of Fame

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit corporation, located in Hamilton, Ontario, that celebrates great achievements in Canadian football. It is maintained by the Canadian Football League. It includes displays about the Canadian Football League, Canadian university football and Canadian junior football history. It has a website. The Hall previously had a main feature in the central portion of the museum where inducted members, each with a metal bust depicting their head, were displayed prior to the physical building being closed. There were also featured displays that highlight each Canadian Football League team's history, and an interactive field goal kicking exhibit. The CFHOF is currently changing to a de-centralized model, which does not included a main museum building (see "Today" below). Once during every CFL season, the Hall sponsors the induction ceremony of former players. Included in the "Hall of Fame Weekend" is a regular season game, usually (but not always) affiliated with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Traditionally, the inducted players will come to the Hall and make an acceptance speech in front of the building where their newly sculpted bust is unveiled. A player must be retired from the game for at least three years before being eligible for consideration. A Hall of Fame voting committee is composed of sports writers, selected CFL executives and inducted members. More details on Wikipedia