Real Estate listings near Central City Shopping Centre

Central City Shopping Centre (formerly known as Surrey Place Mall) is a shopping mall and office tower complex in Whalley, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, which is owned by Blackwood Partners Management Corporation. It is near Surrey Central Station of the SkyTrain system in the Whalley neighbourhood. It was designed by Bing Thom Architects. It is the second largest mall in Surrey, smaller than Guildford Town Centre. The mall was constructed in the 1960s. The construction of the Port Mann Bridge and Guildford Town Centre began to challenge the mall's position as a dominant shopping centre. By the 1990s the downfall became great and the mall had lost a lot of its foot traffic and stores became unrented. In recent months, the mall has been affected by the closings of Target and Future Shop. Walmart Canada has now occupied Target Canada's location in the shopping centre.