McMath Secondary School

École Secondaire Robert A. McMath Secondary School is a high school located on Garry Street in the Steveston neighbourhood of Richmond, British Columbia. The school opened in 1998 and serves grades 8 to 12. It is a bilingual school providing a French immersion program. The school is fed into by the nearby elementary schools of Lord Byng, Westwind, Steves, Diefenbaker, and Homma Elementary School as well as all French immersion students from 15 other elementary schools in western Richmond. As of 2016, the current principal is Mr. Neil Kamide and the vice-principals are Mr. M.Charlton and Ms. A.Goulas. The school's sports teams are all called the McMath Wildcats. R.A McMath Secondary became the focus of media attention and controversy in 2000 when the principal ruled the wearing of bandanas to be inappropriate, and against the dress code, citing an allusion to popular gang fashion at the time. More details on Wikipedia