Meadowvale Secondary School

Meadowvale Secondary School is a part of the Peel District School Board in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The school's staff are focused on preparing the students for university, college and the workplace. With a large student population, encouraging student engagement is a critical goal. Meadowvale is a multicultural school with people of various backgrounds including Poles, Chinese, Germans, Filipino, and Jamaicans. Meadowvale is a diverse school and it appreciates and celebrates its cultural diversity every year at the Multi-Cultural Festival. Two feeder schools for Meadowvale Secondary School are Edenwood Middle School and Lisgar Middle School. In addition, Meadowvale hosts an open house every year to welcome future students to the Meadowvale community by showcasing art work by current students, music performances, drama plays and scientific experiments. More details on Wikipedia