Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field

Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field is an open-air sports stadium located in Regina, Saskatchewan, which is used primarily to play Canadian football. It has been the home of the Canadian Football League's Saskatchewan Roughriders in rudimentary form since 1921 and home to baseball and soccer since 1918 and as a complete stadium since 1936. Additionally, it is the home field for the University of Regina Rams, who play in CIS, the Regina Thunder who play in the Canadian Junior Football League, and the Regina Riot of the Western Women's Canadian Football League. The field is also used to play high school football. It is owned and managed by the city of Regina. The field has artificial turf and, as of 2012, a seating capacity of 32,848. The stadium is scheduled to close after the 2016 season, as the New Mosaic Stadium is scheduled to be complete in 2016 and open in 2017. More details on Wikipedia