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Safe Software Inc. provides software focused on managing the exchange of spatial and non-spatial data between systems with differing file formats and structures. The company’s core data translation and transformation product is FME. Often described as an ETL tool for spatial data, or a Spatial ETL tool, FME provides functionality similar to a traditional ETL tool, but also has additional capability to manage spatial data and the complexity contributed by spatial data's associated feature geometries, attribute tables, and coordinate systems. FME converts data between over 325 GIS, CAD (like MicroStation, AutoCAD), raster, Point cloud, 3D, BIM, XML, cloud, non-spatial, and database formats, and also manages two-way data migration between AutoCAD and GIS systems; database loading with vector, raster or non-spatial data; data extraction from legacy systems; integration of data from multiple sources; quality assurance; and coordinate system conversion. It has over 400 transformers for manipulating data content and structure. FME Server (released in 2008) is a product that enhances a user's ability to distribute and deliver data in variety of formats by way of a variety of services such as WFS, WMS, SOAP, KML as well as basic streaming. FME Cloud (released in 2013) enables users to deploy FME Server in the cloud.