St. Roch (ship)

RCMPV St. Roch is a Royal Canadian Mounted Police schooner, the first ship to completely circumnavigate North America, and the second sailing vessel to complete a voyage through the Northwest Passage. She was the first ship to complete the Northwest Passage in the direction west to east (Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean), going the same route that Amundsen on the sailing vessel Gjøa went east to west, 38 years earlier. The ship was most often captained by Henry Larsen. Liverpool born Sgt. Fred S. Farrar R.C.M.P. (1901-1954) was a crew member of the St. Roch for various voyages including the 1950 voyage that circumnavigated North America, he wrote the book Arctic Assignment: The Story of the St. Roch. which was published posthumously in 1955. The Stan Rogers song "Take It From Day To Day" is the lament of a crew member on the St Roch. The ship can now be found at the Vancouver Maritime Museum in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is open to the public for scheduled visits. More details on Wikipedia