Thom Collegiate

Thom Collegiate is a high school located in the Coronation Park area of north Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is named for Douglas J. Thom - a lawyer, author, and member of the Regina Collegiate Board. This school has a lot of different program for the kids for example the music class like choir band, vocal Jazz, and jazz band are all good class in the morning and at lunch, they go on trips for the music tour, when the kids are in theses classes they will get a Credit for each class they are in. The school offers a dual track French immersion program. It is also one of four schools in the province to offer the International Baccalaureate program. Thom's feeder schools include Centennial School, Coronation Park Community School, Dr. L.M. Hanna School, Ecolé Elsie Mironuck Community School, Gladys McDonald School, Imperial Community School, M.J. Coldwell School, McDermid Community School, and Ruth Pawson School. More details on Wikipedia