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Tomken Road Middle School is located at 3200 Tomken Road, Mississauga, Ontario. The school was constructed and open for use in 1967. The school has three academic programs: a regular program, a French Immersion program, and a SciTech program. The school also offers many diverse extra-curricular activities. Students are able to attain Tomken T points by participating for a required amount of hours. Once a certain number of points are accumulated, a Tomken T award is awarded at graduation. Tomken Road's Mission Statement is "To Develop Independence, Responsible Learning & Mutual Respect". The first principal of the school in 1968 was Mr. Ali Aamir Abbasi. Followed by Mr. Ali Aamir Abbasi in 1974 was Dr. Elvir Bakrac. He improved the overall design of the school through the 1970s. Currently, the principal is Julie Darroch. Tomken also has a guidance counsellor, Mrs. Galambos.