Westbrook School

Westbrook School is an elementary school located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, operated by the Edmonton Public Schools board. It shares a field with Vernon Barford Junior High, it is said that most students do go to Vernon Barford for grades 7 -9. The school opened in January 1967; students selected for the school double shifted with Malmo school from September 1966 until construction was complete. The original 1966 school building was designed by the Massey medal-winning architect, Peter Hemingway. At first the school had junior high school grades because there was no suitable nearby high school. Early construction problems - in particular, an open plan central area with protruding electrical outlets, and a bridge outside the front door on which students sometimes enjoyed hanging - occasionally caused ambulances to be called. In 2010 "AMP" was called into action, the year after Shauna Paul became Principal. AMP Consists of Art, Music, and Phys.Ed which rotates around on a daily schedule. All students receive a time table, with their AMP Periods stated on. AMP is used as a practice for Junior High and High School when students will have to remember when and where they have classes. The school became one of four district sites for Academic Challenge, a program for gifted and talented children, in 1984. More details on Wikipedia