Whitehorn (CTrain)

Whitehorn is a station on the Northeast Line (Route 202) of the CTrain light rail system in Calgary, Alberta. The station opened on April 27, 1985 as part of the original Northeast line. The station is located in the median of 36 Street NE, immediately to the north of Whitehorn Drive. The station is 9.8 km from the City Hall Interlocking. It was the terminus station of the Northeast line for just over 22 years from its original opening on April 27, 1985 until its extension to McKnight-Westwinds which opened on December 17, 2007. Whitehorn Station serves all communities north of 32 Avenue Northeast and south of McKnight Boulevard, such as Whitehorn and Temple, as well as the commercial establishments lined along 32 Avenue NE. 824 parking spaces are also included at the station. Pedestrian overpasses connect the station to both sides of 36 Street NE. Stairs, escalators, as well as an elevator provide access down to the center-loading platform. As of 2011, there is now a grade-level access at the South end of the platform as well. In 2005, the station registered an average transit of 17,400 boardings per weekday. Whitehorn station has undergone renovations to accommodate 4 car trains and add a second platform entrance at Whitehorn Drive NE as well as upgrades to the station interior. Construction began in the Summer of 2010 and was completed in August 2011. More details on Wikipedia