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Windsor Community Museum is a historical museum located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada which displays the city's rich and colourful past. It is located in the historic François Baby House, built in 1812 by François Baby, a prominent French-Canadian (which is now designated as a National Historic Site). The Museum was originally named the Hiram Walker Historical Museum due to the large amount of money donated by the Hiram Walker and Sons Limited for the restoration of the Baby House. In 1991 the Museum’s name was changed to the “François Baby House: Windsor’s Community Museum” in an attempt alleviate confusion between the Museum and the Hiram Walker Brewing Company. Also, the name did not accurately reflect the Museum's aim or purpose. Finally, in 1996 the Museum was given its present name. The building now houses over 15,000 artifacts and documents which hold particular importance to the history of Windsor and the greater Essex County, Ontario region. The Museum was originally founded in 1958 by local amateur historian and merchant, George Fortune Macdonald (1877-1959) and is now administered by the City of Windsor. The Museum also runs and operates the Interpretation Centre located behind the Duff Baby House. This particular building is used mostly for educational programs.