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There are currently 649 Real Estate Listings & Homes for Sale in Penticton, BC. The average listing price for Penticton homes on Ovlix.com $1,087,908
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Penticton Real Estate Market

Whether you're interested in viewing Penticton real estate or homes for sale in any of your favorite neighborhoods: Main South, Main North, Columbia Duncan, Wiltse Valleyview, Husula West Bench Sage Mesa, Penticton Rural you'll find what you're looking for. Currently on Penticton real estate marked listed 223 single family homes for sale with price range from 349,000$ to 4,790,000$ with average price 1,234,557$ for 4 bedroom houses.


Education in Penticton

So you're curious about the learning hubs in Penticton, right? Let's dive in! From wee little kindergarteners to those hitting the books in college, Penticton's educational landscape is pretty diverse. Starting off with our young learners, there's the cozy Wiltse Elementary, which parents just rave about. And, oh boy, Penticton Secondary School? Let's just say it's got a rep for churning out some seriously brainy graduates. For those looking to amp up their education game post-high school, the Okanagan College Penticton campus offers a range of programs that have locals and out-of-towners alike buzzing with excitement. Ratings? Well, these institutions are like the golden apples of the bunch – they're pretty well-regarded in the BC educational scene.

2 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 134 A Heron Drive | Penticton | V2A8N7
134 A Heron Drive, Penticton
2 beds 2 baths 1480 sqft • Residential Home
Added by Royal Lepage Locations West 2 days ago

Navigating Your First Penticton Home Purchase

Alright, first-time homebuyers, listen up! Diving into Penticton's property market can feel like you're on a rollercoaster, blindfolded. But fear not, I've got the play-by-play to keep your ride smooth. First, get yourself a real estate agent who knows Penticton like the back of their hand. These wizards will have the lowdown on what's hot and what's not. Then, it's all about location, location, location! You want a slice of heaven by the beaches or something snug up in the hills? Budget's king, obviously. So strap on your financial thinking cap and figure out your numbers. And don't skip on that home inspection – no one likes nasty surprises. Remember, in Penticton, it's not just a house, it's your future hang-gliding basecamp or wine-tasting HQ. Choose wisely!

Penticton Demographics

Statistic Value
Total Population 33,761
Median Age 49.2 years
Average Household Size 2.3 people
Median Household Income $54,235
Percentage with Postsecondary Degree 54%

Penticton isn't just a pretty face with its lakes and wineries; it's a melting pot of folks from all walks of life. Yeah, the median age might say 'mature', but these seasoned locals have stories that could fill books. Households are cozy with an average of 2.3 people, so it's not all peace and quiet, but it's close. Plus, over half the population has a postsecondary degree – brains and beauty, folks!

5 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 1135 Elk Street | Penticton | V2A0C9
1135 Elk Street, Penticton
5 beds 4 baths 2653 sqft • Residential Home
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Penticton Real Estate Market Trends

Year Average Selling Price Homes Sold New Listings
2021 $650,000 1,200 1,500
2022 $675,000 1,100 1,400
2023 $700,000 1,000 1,300

Penticton's real estate market has been as dynamic as a barrel roll over Skaha Lake. The average selling price has been climbing faster than your average grapevine, giving those investing a reason to pop the champagne. Although homes sold have seen a slight dip, it's like a fine wine, just settling before the next peak. New listings? They're staying steady, ensuring there's enough variety to make the house hunt feel like a treasure hunt.


Penticton Nearby Cities

Let’s get our map out and explore Penticton's neighbors, shall we? You’ve got Summerland to the north, whispering 'come visit' with its charming boutiques and breathtaking lake views. A skip over to the east, you hit Oliver – the Wine Capital of Canada, no less. Keep that GPS handy because heading south, you’ll land in Osoyoos, a beach lover's paradise. And let's not forget about Kelowna, a hop, skip, and a jump to the northeast, with its bustling city vibe and yet more vineyards (because why not?). Each city has its own flavor, making Penticton the cherry in the middle of a very scrumptious pie.

2 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 676 Ellis Street | Penticton | V2A4M6
676 Ellis Street, Penticton
2 beds 1 baths 1295 sqft • Residential Home
Added by Chamberlain Property Group 2 days ago
4 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 1593 Holden Road | Penticton | V2A8M9
1593 Holden Road, Penticton
4 beds 4 baths 2578 sqft • Residential Home
Added by RE/MAX Penticton Realty 6 days ago

Penticton Real Estate: Buy or Rent

So, we’re pondering whether to plant roots or float like a butterfly in Penticton, huh? Buying's like choosing the perfect wine – it's an investment and can be oh-so-rewarding. But hey, not everyone's ready to commit to a mortgage that feels like a marriage. Renting can be the ticket to easy-breezy living, no strings attached. The catch? The rental market's tighter than a drum. If you do snag a spot, you're golden. Prices? They can vary like the weather in April, so whether you're saving up for that down payment or loving the landlord life, Penticton's got a place for you.

Neighbourhoods in Penticton

Neighbourhood Average Home Price Community Vibe
Wiltse/Valleyview $750,000 Family-Friendly
Kaleden $800,000 Rural Charm
Naramata $850,000 Quaint & Quiet
Uplands/Redlands $725,000 Historic & Scenic

Navigating Penticton's neighbourhoods is like choosing your next adventure. Wiltse/Valleyview's the go-to for those family vibes, with backyards just begging for a barbecue. Kaleden? It's where you go for that ‘out in the country’ feel, but still a stone's throw from civilization. Naramata? Picture storybook streets right out of a Hallmark movie. And Uplands/Redlands, oh boy, the views! They've got history etched into every corner. So take your pick, because in Penticton, it's more than just a postcode, it's a lifestyle.

Penticton City Guide

Welcome to Penticton, where every day's a good day for a new discovery. Start your morning with a stroll along Okanagan Lake's beachfront, coffee in hand, obviously. Then, maybe a little wander through the Farmers' Market – the local cheese is a must-try. Art lover? The Penticton Art Gallery is a small but mighty gem. Foodies, prepare your taste buds for a trip to the many eateries downtown, where farm-to-table isn't just a trend, it's a way of life. And when the sun dips down, hit a patio for some local vino. Whether you're here for a visit or here for good, Penticton's arms are wide open.

Property types in Penticton, BC

In addition to 225 Houses in Penticton, we also found 172 Condos, 78 Townhomes, 53 Commercial listings, 43 Vacant land listings, 39 Duplex listings, 36 undefined, 5 Farms, 2 Recreational listing, 1 undefined. Research Penticton real estate market trends and find homes for sale. Search for new homes, open houses, recently sold homes and reduced price real estate in Penticton. Each sale listing includes detailed descriptions, photos, amenities and neighborhood information for Penticton.

1 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 2063 Carmi Road | Penticton | V2A8V5
2063 Carmi Road, Penticton
1 beds 1 baths 2265 sqft • Residential Home
Added by RE/MAX Penticton Realty 7 days ago
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