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There are currently 2977 Real Estate Listings & Homes for Sale in Hamilton, ON. The average listing price for Hamilton homes on Ovlix.com $1,147,003
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Hamilton Real Estate Market

Whether you're interested in viewing Hamilton real estate or homes for sale in any of your favorite neighborhoods: 140 Beasley, 201 Crown Point, 200 Gibson Stipley, Stoney Creek, 141 Lansdale, 043 Flamborough West you'll find what you're looking for. Currently on Hamilton real estate marked listed 1560 single family homes for sale with price range from 299,000$ to 7,495,000$ with average price 944,467$ for 3 bedroom houses.

Education in Hamilton

Oh, Hamilton, our beloved "Steel City," where the brains shine as bright as the industry! Now, if you're eyeing the educational landscape, let me tell you, Hamilton's schools are like a box of chocolates — a rich variety! We've got everything from the brainy buzz of McMaster University, often topping the charts for research and innovation, to Mohawk College, where practical skills get as polished as a new set of steel-toed boots. And for the kiddos? Well, there's a whole network of public and Catholic schools that have more spirit than a Ti-Cats game! Ratings? Think of them like Yelp reviews for your brain — some schools are so top-notch, they've got scores that soar higher than a Hamilton Tiger-Cats field goal!

Hamilton Demographics

Let's paint a picture of Hamilton's folks and families, shall we? Picture a mosaic of cultures, a kaleidoscope of backgrounds, all nestled between the Niagara Escarpment — that's what we call "the mountain" here — and the western shores of Lake Ontario. It's like a mini-UN summit when you look at the diversity. The numbers speak for themselves, and here they are:

Total Population 536,917
Median Age 40.2 years
Top Ethnicities English, Scottish, Irish, Italian, French
Median Household Income $69,122
Number of Households 211,097

Hamilton Nearby Cities

Think of Hamilton as your friendly neighbourhood hub, surrounded by a bunch of cool cousins. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away, you'll bump into Toronto, the big city with all its big city vibes. Then there's Burlington, cozy and chic, always ready for a lakeside hangout. And don't forget Niagara Falls — yep, where the water does the world's most famous vanishing act. Each city brings its own little flavor to the table, making Hamilton's location as sweet as the maple syrup we pour over our pancakes!

Neighbourhoods in Hamilton

You want neighbourhood vibes? Hamilton's got 'em in spades. We're talking about areas that boast character, community, and the kind of charm that'd make a Jane Austen novel jealous. Let's crunch some numbers and see where these pockets of paradise stack up. And don't worry — whether you're all about that artsy scene in James Street North or craving the suburban dream in Ancaster, there's a stat for that!

Neighbourhood Average Income Population Median Home Price

Hamilton Real Estate Market Trends

Strap in, folks! We're diving into the world of Hamilton real estate, where the market is as hot as a forge and trends change faster than a chameleon on a disco floor. This isn't just a bunch of dry stats — these numbers are the tea leaves of your financial future if you're playing the property game in the Hammer. Let's peek at the latest table of trends and see where the wind's blowing in the world of bricks and mortar.

Year Average Selling Price % Change

Hamilton Real Estate Buy or Rent

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty: to buy or to rent in Hamilton? That's the question that's got more folks scratching their heads than a lice outbreak in a kindergarten. Buying's got the appeal of planting your flag on a piece of the Earth and saying "Mine!", but renting? That's as flexible as a yogi and sometimes just as relaxing, financially speaking. Here's the lowdown on the pros, the cons, and everything in-between. We'll walk you through the dollars and cents so you can make sense of what's best for your cents.

Hamilton City Guide

Welcome to Hamilton — a city that's as rich in history as it is in steel. Let me be your virtual tour guide to the places that'll make you whip out your camera faster than a cat in a cucumber patch. From the roar of waterfalls to the quiet beauty of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton's got sights to fill your feed for days. And food? If you leave Hamilton without trying a peameal bacon sandwich or a butter tart, you're doing it wrong. Get ready to explore the nooks, crannies, and escarpment stairs of this Ontario gem!

Navigating Your First Hamilton Home Purchase

So, you're ready to take the plunge into Hamilton's real estate pool — and it's an exciting swim, let me tell you! But before you dive in, you'll need to know the strokes. We're talking mortgages, inspections, and maybe a bit of hand-holding through the process. Fear not, future homeowner, because we've got a roadmap that'll make your first home purchase as smooth as a Tim Hortons' double-double. From crunching numbers to turning keys, consider this your insider's guide to buying your very own piece of the Hammer.

Property types in Hamilton, ON

In addition to 1578 Houses in Hamilton, we also found 436 Condos, 348 Commercial listings, 338 Townhomes, 110 Vacant land listings, 70 Condos, 27 Multifamily homes, 17 Duplex listings, 9 undefined, 7 Farms, 6 undefined, 2 undefined. Research Hamilton real estate market trends and find homes for sale. Search for new homes, open houses, recently sold homes and reduced price real estate in Hamilton. Each sale listing includes detailed descriptions, photos, amenities and neighborhood information for Hamilton.