Real Estate listings near Annie L. Gaetz School (Red Deer, Alberta)

Annie L. Gaetz Elementary School is a primary school in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. A staff of 21 teachers (some classified or learning assistance teachers) and approximately 370 students in grades K-5 are in this school. The principal is Kevin Robertson. Carrie Tobler is the vice principal. The school is designed to serve the Morrisroe subdivision, but also has students from other areas in Red Deer. Its controlling school board, the Red Deer Public School District. The school was named after a local history teacher who arrived in Red Deer in 1903 from Cumberland County, Nova Scotiato become a teacher in the one-family town of Red Deer. She wrote the books The Park Country History of Red Deer Alberta and District in 1948 (a revised edition was released in 1960) and Trails of yesterday: Folk lore of the Red Deer District in 1952. She also wrote for a local newspaper.