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Education in Burnaby, BC

Hey there! If you're peeking into the educational scene in Burnaby, you're in for a treat. This city's brimming with some top-notch learning hubs that'll knock your academic socks off. Let's dive into a quick roll-call of schools and how they stack up, shall we? For starters, we've got the Burnaby Mountain Secondary soaring high with an impressive A-rating. Not far behind is the Moscrop Secondary, which is also nailing it with top grades. Then there's the Simon Fraser University, a bigwig that's practically a celebrity in university rankings. And for the little tots, Stoney Creek Community School is where it's at – cozy, friendly, and ace at getting those early learning gears turning.


Navigating Your First Burnaby Home Purchase

So, you're ready to plant your roots in Burnaby, and you're eyeballing that first home purchase, huh? Right on! Now, let me tell you, it's kinda like taking your first bungee jump — thrilling but also kinda sweat-inducing. First, get cozy with a mortgage broker or a bank specialist to figure out what kind of dough you can roll out without flipping your entire wallet. Then, you want to buddy up with a real estate agent who knows Burnaby like the back of their hand – the kind who can sniff out a sweet deal from a mile away. Be prepped for a bit of paperwork gymnastics (yeah, it's a thing) and inspections that'll make sure your new pad is solid. And hey, don't shy away from negotiating like you're haggling for that last slice of pizza. This is your dream spot we're talking about, and Burnaby's got a mix of shiny new condos and charming houses that could be just your style. Keep your eyes peeled, your budget in check, and your dreams big – your Burnaby home is waiting for you!


Burnaby Demographics

Category Statistic
Population 249,197
Median Age 40.3 years
Median Household Income $64,737
Top Ethnicities Chinese, Caucasian, South Asian
Education Level (Bachelor's Degree or Higher) 37%

Burnaby is a colorful mosaic of cultures and backgrounds, all buzzing with life and stories. You'll find a sweet mix of ages and family sizes, making it a stellar spot for both young guns and those with a few more chapters to their story. Plus, with a hefty chunk of folks waving diplomas around, you can bet your bottom dollar that the conversations at the local coffee shop are nothing short of fascinating.

Burnaby Real Estate Market Trends

Statistic Value
Average Home Price $950,000
Home Price Change (Year-Over-Year) +2.5%
Average Condo Price $650,000
Condo Price Change (Year-Over-Year) +1.8%
Rent for 1-Bedroom Apartment $1,800/month

If you're tracking the pulse of Burnaby's real estate heartbeat , you'll notice it's got a steady rhythm with a hint of jazz. Home prices are inching up, so if you're thinking of buying, now might be a golden time to jump in before they take off like a rocket. Condos are the cool kids on the block, offering a slightly gentler hit on the wallet but still keeping up with the growth spurt. Renting is also hot, with cozy one-bedroom spots going for a pretty penny, but hey, you're getting the Burnaby vibe in every square foot.


Burnaby Nearby Cities

Curious about Burnaby's neighbors? You've got the bustling streets of Vancouver to the west, just a quick hop and a skip away. Head east and you'll bump into Coquitlam, a gem that's getting its shine on. Swing by North Vancouver and get your fill of breathtaking mountain views and sea-kissed air. Down south, there's Richmond, with its epic eats and market vibes. Burnaby's pretty much the peanut butter to their jelly – close enough to mix it up but still rockin' its own unique flavor.


Burnaby Real Estate: Buy or Rent

Stuck in the ol' buy or rent conundrum in Burnaby? Well, it's a bit like choosing between a superhero or a sidekick. Buying's got the spotlight with the potential for equity and those sweet, sweet tax breaks. But hey, renting's got its perks too – less hassle, more flexibility, and you're not the one sweating the repair bills. Think about your game plan – are you sticking around to watch the seasons change or are you more the free bird type? Your answer’s a compass pointing to either the 'invest and nest' or 'rent and roam' lifestyle.

Neighbourhoods in Burnaby

Neighbourhood Vibe Score Average Home Price
Metrotown 9/10 $850,000
Brentwood 8.5/10 $780,000
The Heights 8/10 $760,000
Edmonds 7.5/10 $730,000
Deer Lake 9.5/10 $1,200,000

Each nook in Burnaby has its own secret handshake. Metrotown's the high-energy buddy with shopping and skytrains at your fingertips. Brentwood? That's the cool newcomer that's all about that urban glow-up. The Heights is your old-school friend with tree-lined streets and a friendly nod to yesteryear. Edmonds is up-and-coming, a bit quieter but with plenty of room to stretch your legs. And Deer Lake? Oh, it's the ritzy part of town where nature and luxury do a little dance. Pick your playground, folks!

8 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 7954 Lakefield Drive | Burnaby | V5E3W8
7954 Lakefield Drive, Burnaby
8 beds 6 baths 4334 sqft • Residential Home
Added by Royal LePage West Real Estate Services 2 days ago

Burnaby City Guide

Welcome to Burnaby, the heart-throb city where urban pizzazz meets leafy escapes. You want parks? They've got more green spaces than a salad bar. Fancy a shopping spree? Metropolis at Metrotown's your go-to. Culture buff? The Burnaby Village Museum's got history you can walk through. And for the outdoorsy clan, Burnaby Mountain calls with trails that'll flex those hiking muscles. Don't forget to check out the food scene – from night markets to brunch spots, it's a taste bud party. Grab a map, lace up your explorin' shoes, and get ready to make some "Wow, I love this place!" memories.

Property types in Burnaby, BC

In addition to 609 Condos in Burnaby, we also found 188 Houses, 70 Townhomes, 67 Commercial listings, 36 Duplex listings, 11 Vacant land listings. Research Burnaby real estate market trends and find homes for sale. Search for new homes, open houses, recently sold homes and reduced price real estate in Burnaby. Each sale listing includes detailed descriptions, photos, amenities and neighborhood information for Burnaby.

4 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 4016 Yale Street | Burnaby | V5C1P9
4016 Yale Street, Burnaby
4 beds 2 baths 2418 sqft • Residential Home
Added by Macdonald Realty 2 days ago
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