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There are currently 1697 Real Estate Listings & Homes for Sale in Brampton, ON. The average listing price for Brampton homes on Ovlix.com $1,283,948
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8 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 47 Moore Street | Brampton | L6X1V2
47 Moore Street, Brampton
8 beds 7 baths • Residential Home
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4 Bedroom Townhouse For Sale | 33 Shiff Crescent | Brampton | L6Z0H6
33 Shiff Crescent, Brampton
4 beds 4 baths • Townhouse
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Brampton Real Estate Market

Whether you're interested in viewing Brampton real estate or homes for sale in any of your favorite neighborhoods: Brbs Brampton South, Sandringham-Wellington, Brampton East, Brsw Sandringham Wellington, Brbn Brampton North, Brcp Central Park you'll find what you're looking for. Currently on Brampton real estate marked listed 1071 single family homes for sale with price range from 1,950$ to 6,500,000$ with average price 1,206,828$ for 4 bedroom houses.


Education in Brampton

Hey there, folks! Let's talk about schooling in Brampton – it's a big deal, right? Whether you're raising little geniuses or you're looking to hit the books yourself, Brampton’s got a stellar lineup of educational hubs. We're talking a range from those cozy elementary schools where everyone knows your name, to high-flying high schools that prep you for the real world. And guess what? They're not just any old places to learn – we've got some of the top-rated schools around. Trust me, your brainy offspring are in good hands here!

4 Bedroom Townhouse For Sale | 25 Sudeley Lane | Brampton | L7A4Z7
25 Sudeley Lane, Brampton
4 beds 4 baths • Townhouse

Navigating Your First Brampton Home Purchase

Alright, Brampton newcomers or first-time buyers, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of snagging a home in this bustling city. Picture this: you're walking down a tree-lined street, eyeing those brick beauties and wondering, "How do I get in on this?" First things first – get your ducks in a row with a solid mortgage pre-approval. Then, it's all about finding a sharp real estate agent who knows Brampton like the back of their hand. They'll be your treasure map to hidden gems in neighborhoods you didn't even know existed. And don't forget those nerve-wracking offers and counter-offers – but hey, that's all part of the thrill, right? Stick with it, and before you know it, you'll be turning that key in your very own Brampton home.

Brampton Demographics

Total Population 650,000+
Median Age 36.5 years
Number of Households 170,000+
Average Household Size 3.5
Median Household Income $86,000
Diversity Index High

Brampton is as diverse as it is dynamic, folks! With a population soaring over 650,000, this city is a mosaic of cultures. The vibe? Young, with a median age sitting pretty at 36.5 years, making it a youthful hub in the heart of Ontario. Households here are bustling and full of life, averaging about 3.5 people. And hey, people are doing alright for themselves, with a median household income that’ll give you some nice wiggle room. Diversity? Brampton wears it like a badge of honor – a true cultural kaleidoscope.


Brampton Real Estate Market Trends

Median Listing Price $870,000
Median Selling Price $830,000
Price per Square Foot $500
Homes Sold Above List Price 45%
New Listings 400 per month
Average Days on Market 20

Let's spill the tea on Brampton's real estate market! It's been a wild ride with median listing prices floating around $870,000. But get this – homes often sell for a bit less, so there's room to play hardball. We're seeing folks get their keys for an average of $830,000. And space comes at a premium, costing about $500 per square foot. Buyers are eager, with nearly half the homes selling for more than asking price. Fresh listings? They’re popping up like daisies at about 400 a month. Don’t dawdle, though; houses here find new owners faster than hotcakes, sticking around just 20 days on the market.

5 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 8 Petworth Road | Brampton | L6Z4C4
8 Petworth Road, Brampton
5 beds 4 baths • Residential Home

Brampton Nearby Cities

So you're in Brampton and itching to explore? You're in luck because you've got neighbors worth visiting. Mississauga is just a stone's throw away – it's practically your cool older sibling with all its shopping and waterfront shenanigans. Then there's Vaughan, where thrills await at Canada's Wonderland. Need a dose of nature? Caledon's trails are calling. And Toronto, the big city of dreams, is close enough for a day trip but far enough to keep your Brampton oasis peaceful. Each of these cities brings its own flavor to the table, creating a region that’s rich in diversity and experiences.

4 Bedroom Townhouse For Sale | 29 Dufay Road | Brampton | L7A4A2
29 Dufay Road, Brampton
4 beds 4 baths • Townhouse
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Brampton Real Estate: Buy or Rent

Okay, let's hash it out – to buy or to rent in Brampton? It's the million-dollar question (or more like the $870,000 question, judging by the median home price). Buying's got its perks – hello, investment and roots! But not everyone's ready to take the homeownership plunge. Renting can be the sweet spot for those craving flexibility or saving up for that down payment. And with Brampton’s market as hot as it is, you’ll find a range of options that fit your lifestyle, whether you’re a homebody or a wanderlust-struck adventurer. The bottom line? Weigh your priorities, your finances, and maybe toss a coin – Brampton's a catch, either way.

Neighbourhoods in Brampton

Neighbourhood Average Home Price Average Rent Local Vibe
Downtown Brampton $780,000 $2,100/mo Historic & Hip
Springdale $900,000 $2,300/mo Family-Friendly
Bramalea $850,000 $2,200/mo Lively & Diverse
Mount Pleasant $920,000 $2,400/mo Quaint & Charming

Let's talk neighborhoods, Brampton style! Each spot in this city has its own special zing. Downtown Brampton? It's where history meets pizzazz – think charming streets with a modern twist. If you're on the hunt for a family-friendly zone, Springdale's where it’s at, with plenty of parks and schools. Bramalea's buzzing with energy and diversity – never a dull moment. And Mount Pleasant? It's as sweet as it sounds, giving you those storybook vibes with all the modern amenities. House-hunting in Brampton feels like a treasure hunt – there's a perfect spot for everyone.

5 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 7 Larande Court N | Brampton | L6Y0N1
7 Larande Court N, Brampton
5 beds 4 baths • Residential Home
Added by RE/MAX REALTY SERVICES INC. 18 hours ago
4 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 43 Brunswick Street | Brampton | L6X4Y5
43 Brunswick Street, Brampton
4 beds 3 baths • Residential Home
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Brampton City Guide

Welcome to Brampton – the Flower City! It's not just about blossoms; this city is brimming with things to see and do. Fancy a bit of culture? Hit up the Rose Theatre or PAMA for a splash of the arts. Outdoor enthusiast? The trails at Heart Lake Conservation Area will call your name. And when the munchies hit, dive into the food scene – it’s like a round-the-world ticket for your taste buds. From dragon boat races to farmers' markets, there’s always something sprouting up. So grab your explorer’s hat – Brampton's got surprises at every corner!

5 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 20 Proud Court | Brampton | L6Y5Z1
20 Proud Court, Brampton
5 beds 4 baths • Residential Home
Added by KINGSWAY REAL ESTATE 23 hours ago

Property types in Brampton, ON

In addition to 1095 Houses in Brampton, we also found 285 Townhomes, 155 Commercial listings, 142 Condos, 24 Condos, 9 Vacant land listings, 1 undefined. Research Brampton real estate market trends and find homes for sale. Search for new homes, open houses, recently sold homes and reduced price real estate in Brampton. Each sale listing includes detailed descriptions, photos, amenities and neighborhood information for Brampton.

4 Bedroom Residential Home For Sale | 9 Bellflower Lane | Brampton | L6S6K3
9 Bellflower Lane, Brampton
4 beds 3 baths • Residential Home
Added by RE/MAX REALTY SPECIALISTS INC. 24 hours ago
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