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  • $999,000
    3 beds 2 baths
    314 Bain Ave, Toronto
    Toronto, ON Just Added
  • $1,375,000
    3 beds 2 baths
    75 Evans Ave, Toronto
    Toronto, ON Just Added
  • $849,000
    1 beds 2 baths
    66 Portland St, Toronto
    Toronto, ON 3 Hours
  • $349,900
    3 beds 2 baths
    2645 Jane St, Toronto
    Toronto, ON 3 Hours
  • $949,999
    3 beds 3 baths
    32 Augusta Ave, Toronto
    Toronto, ON 3 Hours
  • $828,000
    2 beds 2 baths
    #2103 -5168 Yonge St, TorontoOpen House
    Toronto, Willowdale West 3 Hours
  • $329,900
    1 beds 1 baths
    3 Massey Sq, Toronto
    Toronto, ON 4 Hours
  • $3,388,000
    5 beds 5 baths
    26 Ashley Park Rd, Toronto
    Toronto, Edenbridge Humber Valley 6 Hours
  • $859,000
    4 beds 2 baths
    45 Portico Dr, Toronto
    Toronto, Woburn 6 Hours
  • $1,378,000
    4 beds 3 baths
    72 Princeton Rd, Toronto
    Toronto, ON 7 Hours
  • $4,500,000
    Residential Commercial Mix
    3330-32 Yonge St, Toronto
    Toronto, Lawrence Park North 7 Hours
  • $689,900
    4 beds 2 baths
    58 Thistle Down Blvd, Toronto
    Toronto, Thistletown Beaumonde Heights 7 Hours
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Toronto is one of the most popular cities in Canada and is well known for its financial district, arts and culture, fashion industry, and entertainment venues.

Toronto Economy

Toronto has a strong and stable economy. This is due, in part, to the diverse industries in the city that span business, technology, education, manufacturing, and art. With over 6 million people working in various employment sectors, Toronto accounts for almost half of Ontario’s entire GDP. Many people travel upwards of an hour to Toronto each day for work, as the city has some of the best work opportunities in the country.


Toronto has countless options for entertainment, no matter what demographic. For children, Toronto offers the Black Creek Pioneer Village, the Toronto Zoo, as well as exhibits such as the Royal Ontario Museum and Ripley’s Aquarium, which are all both fun and educational. For adults, there are an even greater amounts of options in Toronto. Adults in Toronto can enjoy concerts and sporting events in the Rogers Centre, live theatrical performances, challenging escape rooms, and more. Many tourists stay overnight in Toronto for a fun day out, and the chance to experience the vibrant night setting in the city, with the many bars and pubs available.

Toronto Tourism

There are many attractions for a tourist in Toronto to visit; as the capital of Ontario, Toronto is one of Canada’s most visited cities. Toronto is home to the C.N. Tower, where tourists can walk along the edges near the top of the tower or even dine inside it. Tourists in Toronto can also see some of Toronto’s world-famous sports teams play in local stadiums, including the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Toronto Raptors, and the Toronto Blue Jays. The Hockey Hall of Fame is also a popular destination for sports fans visiting Toronto. The Canadian National Exhibition is a huge annual event in Toronto, which many tourists plan their trips around. It includes activities such as fair rides, concerts, eating famous carnival foods, and playing games. Other attractions include museums, Ontario Place, Fan Expo, the Canadian Walk of Fame, and much more.


High Park is a large park in Toronto and is a popular destination for families and those looking for leisure activities. This famous Toronto park includes paths for hiking and strolls, various educational and heritage discoveries, a zoo and children’s playground, and multiple opportunities for sports. The park has both man-made leisure activities, but a third of the park is dedicated to the natural land and environment of Toronto. In High Park, there are views of the Toronto lakefront, extensive gardens, and cherry blossom trees. This is only one of the many parks in Toronto. Other notable park locations in Toronto include Coronation Park and Rouge National Urban Park.


Toronto has a multitude of educational facilities for its youth. Toronto houses a large public school board, a Catholic school board, many private schools, and a select amount of schools taught in French or with extended French programs. For students that do not speak English or French, or who have special educational needs, help such as Educational Assistants and ESL courses are available. Toronto operates its schools to a high educational standard and is known for being selective in choosing its teaching staff. Adults can also find many options for further education, as the city has many world-recognized colleges and Universities. The college of George-Brown and the University of Toronto are sought out by students around the globe for post-secondary education, drawing in top students worldwide. There are also opportunities in Toronto for education of those pursuing a trade, such as welding.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is the most common means of travel in Toronto, and there are a few transport options to choose from. The Toronto Transport Commission runs many public transportation options. The most common transit station in Toronto is the Union Station. Union station has trains, buses, and the subway as means of travel, as well as services for those who are handi-capable. Residents in Toronto often complain about issues involving delays and overcrowding in the station, however using public transport in the city is much more cost-efficient than driving, due to high parking fees. Frequent travellers typically use a PRESTO card to decrease their Toronto transport costs and gain free trips. PRESTO cards often offer student and senior discounts, which can be evaluated online.


Toronto is ranked among the safest major cities in the world, and has been ranked the safest city in North America in the past by The Economist. Compared to other major cities, Toronto’s residents are among those who feel the safest in their cities, both during the day and night. However, there have been drastic rises in homicide and gun-related violence in Toronto over the past few years, despite city violence-prevention programs and gun regulations. Going out late at night in Toronto can also be a safety risk, particularly for young women walking alone down certain streets near entertainment centres and bars. While Toronto is much less dangerous than other major cities, it is still advisable to be careful. Toronto continues to put further funding into the health and safety of its citizens, including investment in programs to prevent youth from gangs and criminal activity.


One of the most unique things about Toronto is how multicultural it is. The city is full of diverse cultures and communities and encourages the celebration of these heritages. Toronto has one of the most diverse city populations in the world, and celebrates different cultures and histories, as well as support of the LGBTQ+ movements and community. Another aspect that makes Toronto special is the vast amount of excellent restaurants, with endless styles of cuisine that leaves something to enjoy for everybody. Whether someone is looking for authentic sushi or artisanal pizza, Toronto has a quality restaurant option. Toronto is home to some of the best-ranked and most inventive restaurants in the world. Toronto is a lively place to be, with various festivals, fairs, and other large events almost year-round. There is never a day in Toronto with nothing to do in the community, and there are always fun events around the corner.